Constructions & Infrastructure

The firm has been representing numerous local and foreign clients for years and has driven an array of different projects in the construction and infrastructure sector, including the representation of companies and handling of high profile buy-outs and complex agreements in the metallurgy and cement industries. 

In the construction sector, the firm advises design and construction companies, having handled the design contracts and construction contracts for the construction of building complexes, hotels & spas, ports, museums, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, residential complexes etc, it has negotiated and executed the relevant outsourcing agreements with their contractors, successfully handled related litigations and arbitrations, as well as driven the acquisition of various manufacturing plants producing dry wall panels and other construction related materials. 

The firm also represents the largest global player in Electrical and Digital Building Infrastructures, providing legal services across a wide spectrum of services including corporate, commercial, distribution, regulatory and licensing issues, intellectual property rights, anti-trust issues and dispute resolution and litigation. Apart from advising and overseeing all corporate and business operations, the firm has on many occasions identified and defended fraudulent branding and imitations of original electrical and infrastructure products, with an impressive track record of successful unfair competition litigation cases. 


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