Insolvency & Restructuring

The law firm’s long practice in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency has been boosted by the latest developments in the Greek economy. Our specialized legal team, having an in-depth knowledge of the local legal and business environment within which it operates, successfully represents the firm’s clients in recovery, consolidation and special liquidation procedures, as well as in the negotiation and implementation of corporate debt restructuring and reorganisation agreements and arrangements.

Whether it represents the creditor or the debtor, the firm provides tailor-made solutions and comprehensive guidance throughout the bankruptcy, insolvency and “rehabilitation” procedures. Our law firm has historically successfully handled numerous high profile cases of insolvency, bankruptcy and consolidation, involving the majority of the largest industrialists in the country during the period when new legislation was introduced that “jump started” a series of bankruptcies and insolvencies triggered by the State. The firm was instrumental in negotiating and implementing restructuring agreements for its clients in these significant industries that secured their viability in many of these cases. More recently, the firm has successfully handled respective cases of insolvency, bankruptcy and “rehabilitation” in the areas of clothing and accessories, electric and electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage and constructions.

Moreover, our firm has successfully advised several of its clients, primarily in the sectors of healthcare and cosmetics, food and beverage and media & entertainment, through the out-of-court process of corporate debt restructuring, reorganisation and refinancing.

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